Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

EWKET is an Ethiopian (Amharic) word for 'knowledge'. UKEA is a community of families in the UK with ties to Ethiopia through Adoption. We chose EWKET because it sums up our aims - to help with education in Ethiopia, and help the UKEA community deepen our connection with a country we love.

The aim of the UKEA Education Project is to help disadvantaged children in Ethiopia with their schooling.

We help by providing individual scholarships and contributing towards vital school equipment like desks, chairs, laboratory equipment and computers.

Direct involvement with one special school in Addis Ababa means we can be sure that every single penny we raise goes where it needs to go.

We support a new and visionary school called St John Baptist de la Salle, in the town of Gullele just North of Addis Ababa that opened in September 2010.

In a quietly radical way, this school is a hub of social transformation. Unusually, it mixes HIV+ children from the adjacent orphanage and local non-HIV children in an effort to break down culturally rigid taboos surrounding HIV and AIDS. It gives economically disadvantaged local children access to an excellent education, and also furthers the education of staff members who are encouraged to use the school facilities and study at night.

EWKET BUYS 30 COMPUTERS for St John Baptist School

Ewket has funded the acquisition of 30 brand new computers for St John Baptist de la Salle School.  They mean the school can now offer a comprehensive introduction to computing for Grades 9 & 10 students with classes on MS Office x 5 and more advanced packages for Grades 11 & 12 like html web-design, CAD, Java etc.  They’ll also be used for adult education classes for locals and training for school staff.

The computers have been bought via The Ethiopian Knowledge and Technology Transfer Society which is a partner of Computer Aid International.

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JUNE 2014
Ewket founder Natasha and her son spent over a month living at the St John Baptist de la Salle school in Asko, Addis, during May and June 2014. Her son went to nursery every day and improved his amharic!  Natasha met all the children Ewket sponsors and found out their favourite school subjects, what they like to do in their freetime and what their dreams are for the future.
Natasha spent time with the principal of the school, Brother Kassu, to understand what challenges the school faces and how best Ewket can help. She’s doubly inspired to support the school now!
And the great news is that Ewket is sponsoring a further 16 students, bringing our total to 36.  And that number is ever-increasing!

  • Daily line-up at nursery
  • Brother Kassu on Ewket
  • Sports Day
  • Morning assembly
  • Children bring lunch
  • Akso after rain
  • A view of the school
  • The coffee ceremony
  • Donkeys are a huge support
  • Ewket founder Natasha interviewing all our sponsored children
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St John Baptist de la Salle school has asked if we can sponsor a further group of 16 children with their annual fees.  Watch this space!  We have 6 new sponsors so far…

EWKET commissioned a talented toy maker based in Hampshire, UK, to design an Ethiopian lion to help us raise funds. She makes them plain brown and red, yellow or green! Our lion has raised over £350 so far.


Fellow UKEAer, Christina, is working in partnership with her company to raise funds.  The community of Ewket wants to thank IPD for its contribution – we really appreciate everything that you do to support our school in Ethiopia.

IPD is a world leader in performance analysis for real estate owners, investors, managers, lenders and occupiers. IPD’s fund-raising for 2013 has been dedicated to Ewket, as an adoptive parent in their community works there. The Social Activities Group kindly organises regular cake, book, CD and DVD sales to which members of staff contribute the items to be sold. Baking cakes is particularly popular among the staff and the competition to deliver the most impressive cake is fierce, and you can see from the photos that there are some impressive bakers at IPD. The cakes, books, CDs and DVDs are sold in the London office and they regularly make £100 or so which can educate a child for a year or supply a much needed desk for a classroom.



Dawn Chorus Educational Initiative CIC is pleased to support EWKET

Dawn Chorus has been delivering community education since 1985, championing social and environmental innovation and helping UK communities to get involved in initiatives at home and in the poorest countries in the world, including Ethiopia, where we primarily work with women and children.

Check out the Dawn Chorus Website 

MEETING…to take place in early March in London to discuss Ewket’s plan for 2013, including ideas for fund-raising.  Please contact if there’s anything you’d like to add.

ETHIOPIA UPDATE…is in the pipe-line.  A UKEA family is going to Addis in late March and will visit the school, exchange news and take fresh photos.

RE-INTRODUCING…Brother Kassu.  He is the chief administrator at St Joseph de la Salle School, and our main contact there.  He has recently made a website for the school -  Wonder how the students below are getting along this week!

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